a proven Way to deliver A Social Media Audit service

...So You Never Work For Free Again.

Our easy-to-use, plug & play templates mean you can quickly offer a new service that will position you as the expert a business should invest in long-term.

You're trying to win well-paying, clients but before they'll take you seriously, you need to prove your expertise.

You're trying to win new, well-paying clients but before they'll take you seriously, you need to prove your expertise.




And that seems impossible.

There is a new way to prove your expertise to potential clients, while also getting paid.

We have great news...


The Audit Bundle

A social media audit is a low effort, low investment, service to offer as the perfect starting point for someone to get to know you without a high price ticket or long-term investment...

How does this sound?


Your expert eyes on their marketing.

​Reassurance on the things they are doing right

Recommendations on their best next steps

​A quick win, without a long term commitment

The client gets...

Your expert eyes on their marketing.

​Reassurance on the things they are doing right

A foot in the door with your dream clients

A chance to show your knowledge and expertise

​An opportunity to show how you can help them further

... cash in the bank because this is a paid for service!

You get...

"I got my first client from using the Audit template, they were so impressed!"

Emma B


"I used the Audit template and it worked wonders!"

Gina B


real results

We’ll give you our proven to convert template so you can quickly complete a social media audit of any platform.

Just fill in the gaps, and you’ve created a hugely valuable document to help any business on any platform.

We've used this template for years with great success and it is also tried and tested by thousands of freelance social media managers around the world.

What's in the Audit Bundle?

A Plug-And-Play Service

The Audit Canva template comes in 2 gorgeous designs created by our graphic designer.

Each can be customised to suit your brand style and fit in with your other professional documents.

Two Customisable Designs

Not familiar with Canva? Worried you won’t be able to make these templates work for you?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with our short video walkthrough that shows you exactly how to add the template to your account and personalise it for your business.

Video walkthrough


Charges £150 each time she uses this template with a client. And she's used it a lot!


used the template as part of a wider comms strategy and charged £375 for the audit alone.


Signed a 12-month contract from a £100 audit - on the biggest, and most expensive package she offered them!


We’ve got bonuses to make this even easier!

Free guide

Pull up a chair…


Don’t just offer a social media audit! An Instagram shop audit is the perfect service to offer as a stand-alone or additional service to any eCommerce business using Instagram to promote their products.

The Instagram Shops Audit





This 4-page guide shows exactly how you can add this awesome service to your business.

How to use Audits in your business

Most people miss 7 core things when auditing - you’re not like most people, so make sure you avoid the common mistakes others make with this quick one-page checklist.

Audit checklist

Adding a social media audit to your sales funnel is a no-brainer, so in this guide we show you where it could sit in your funnel.

Use this funnel map to sell more audits, and make money while you grow your email list!

The Audit Funnel Map

Once you deliver an audit to them, they'll struggle to part ways because they'll know first-hand what it's like to work with you.

And armed with a report that shows them the opportunity for improvements, they'll want to make sure YOU are the one to help them achieve success.

Audits are your shortcut!

Businesses desperately need your ongoing knowledge and expertise, they just don’t realise it yet!

How It Works

You get access to the the Audit template & some awesome bonuses


You customise it to your brand style by adding your own fonts, colours and images.


You offer this service to your audience as a way to take someone through your sales funnel (not got a sales funnel? Keep reading!)


I love doing audits, and they’re a great way to upsell to a full strategy

— Charlie

There is no other programme, course or template like this.

These templates have been created to strategically offer a service needed by businesses using social media to reach their customers.

Yes, these templates have been designed to look good, but more importantly, they have been designed to provide the information your clients want in a way that makes it easy for them to digest and act on. 

And they’re created in a way that makes it really easy for you to deliver this lucrative service even if you've never audited someone's social media platforms before!

This is not another bunch of templates designed to simply look good.

This      for you if:

You want a new service to add to your business

You don’t want to add a new lucrative service to your business

You're a social media manager

You dont work as a social media manager

You don’t want to over complicate your life and like plug-and-play, proven to work, systems

It's probably         for you if...

You arent willing to do the work to tell people this service exists!



It's probably
for you if...


Get The Audit Bundle Today!

We felt this frustration when we were building our businesses too.  We knew that if a business would just give us a chance, we could just prove ourselves & help them achieve great things.

So we added this short term, low-cost, low-effort service to our business.

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We're The Two Lauras!

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I’ve built two successful businesses using the power of social media and continue to work with private social media clients – so you can trust me to practice what I preach.

With three young children, a husband and a dog, family life is often manic, messy, mayhem! But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I'm Laura Davis

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Working in sales and marketing is in my blood – in fact, it’s been my career since I was 16 years old! 

When my son William was born with Cerebral Palsy in 2009, I was forced to re-evaluate everything in my life. So I set up a business that allowed me to work around hospital visits and give round-the-clock care.

I’m proud that, together with Laura, I’ve been able to build a business that fits around my family while supporting others do the same.

I'm Laura Moore

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What do I actually get with the audit template bundle?

You'll get access to the template you need to deliver a professional social media audit plus all the bonuses mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I charge someone for aN audit? 

Your fees are entirely up to you! We've seen people charge $100 and we know people who've charged $1000! 

I have the Social Media Managers Toolkit, do I need this?

No, you already have the Audit template in the toolkit, but the bonuses are not available in the toolkit so it's worth buying just for those!


These templates are designed to SAVE YOU TIME (and make you money) when working with clients.


No, This template is for social media managers. If you are looking for someone to audit your platforms please take a look at our directory www.meetthesocialpro.com