'This system will single-handedly change my business and my therefore my life' Emma York


Follow our step-by-step programme to build your Content Inspiration System so you can seamlessly organise everything you need to create an endless supply of content ideas for any business in any sector.



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The Content Inspiration System™️ is the best thing you have done!

This system will single-handedly change my business and my therefore my life. In the short time I have been using it I have been able to save time and scroll less, plan better and schedule more. Just these few actions will help me deliver better value for my clients and help me to market my business more .

It is like you have downloaded my brain and understood exactly what I have been needing. I have a strong feeling that many people are going to find this incredibly useful. 

Emma York

As well as supporting thousands of freelance social media managers to grow their businesses, we are also marketing experts with decades of experience and we've worked with clients in all sorts of industries and created countless pieces of content. 

But there was always one major frustration in our content creation process. We searched high and low for a system to help us organise everything we needed to reduce the friction and overwhelm but nothing existed. So we created it.

The Content Inspiration System™️ is the system we wished we’d had years ago.

Hi, we're The Two Lauras!

There were more screenshots in our phones than photos of our families! 1000's of screenshots of content ideas, Facebook ads, comments from clients, you name it, we took screenshots of it! But then when we needed one could we ever find it? NOPE!

too many screenshots 

So many client photos

We're lucky, our clients send us hundreds of photos. But remembering what products they relate to, or any other information about them was impossible. And we never knew if we'd used them lately or not! It was a NIGHTMARE!

any of these sound familiar?

Canva graphics galore

Why is it impossible to download a Canva graphic once and keep it somewhere to use it later? Just us? We had the same Canva graphics saved multiple times but still headed back to Canva for a new copy every time we wanted to use it! WHY??

We asked our Facebook followers how many screenshots they had...

it's not just us!

This is the reality of working in social media!

if you're thinking...

Why am I surrounded by content ideas but am never inspired when it comes time to create content?

How do other people always make content creation look so easy?

I know I need to be more organised but I just don’t don't know where to start.

"If I take another screenshot, my phone is going to blow up... And where is the one I actually neeeeeeeeed??"

That's exactly how we felt!

We were constantly on the backfoot coming into content creation and everything took far longer than it should have.

Now we use The Content Inspiration System™️ we have an endless supply of ideas and all the assets we need to quickly create great content for our own business and our clients’.

you're not alone!

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The Content Inspiration System™️


Save and organise all your content inspiration so you can quickly search and sort for the right idea at the right time.

Quickly reference reviews, comments and other forms of social proof, so you’ll know who it came from, whether you have permission to use it and when your audience last saw it.



Automate your UTM system so that when you need to grab a link it’s already got the tracking on it in the format you use.


Finally have your bookmarks in plain site so you can actually read the article you saved or return to the website you wanted to check out later and not forget them forever.


If you’ve felt the frustration of staring at a blank screen waiting for inspiration to hit, or wasted time searching for the assets you need to make content...

...you need this!

How It Works

Step-by step videos guide you through using the template to build and use your system.


Populate with everything your business needs to create content.


Have everything you need to create your content with ease!


Link specific web pages to related imagery, social proof and UGC so you can quickly find what you need, what permissions you have and when you last used those assets!

Quickly clip ideas from any social media platform (or other website), save them to your Content Inspiration System and link them to the brand for later!

Got a bookmarks tab full of ideas you’ve never looked back at, despite having saved them for a reason? Quickly add them to your Content Inspiration System so you can actually use them!

Save and categorise your screenshots and images so you always know what they are, what they relate to and when and where they've been used.

Working with clients?

You'll wonder How on earth you managed without The Content inspiration system™️!

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There are endless possibilities in how you can use The Content Inspiration System™️... and the more you use it, the more useful it will become!

One-time payment


What's Included

You are surrounded by content inspiration, but unless you know what you're looking for, it's easy to miss it!

In this 3 part module we also share how to ensure you are being inspired and not simply copying other people's content.

This library will be the basis of your whole Content Inspiration System and will enable all you to easily find and use all the assets you'll add over time.

Once it's in use you'll be able to quickly look up a products or service, or even a blog or podcast and find the associated photos, social proof and other assets that help you quickly create content.

How To Be Inspired

Build a Business Library

module one

module two

Social proof is so crucial in marketing. But without a system to record permissions, collection dates and ensure you know when and where it was used you can run into issues.

UGC, comments, reviews, testimonials, all live here and will be recorded and cross referenced to the relevant product so you can quickly grab what you need for content.

Build a Social Proof Library

module four

Your content clips library is where you'll quickly add all your content inspiration in a way that is easy to refer back to and find exactly what you need, when you need it.

You'll also set up libraries to help with repurposing, client asset management and important bookmarks.

Got clients who send you tons of photos? Great - now lets organise those so you know what they are and can record where they've been used.

Build your Content Libraries

module Three


The best part is the simple way you can cross-reference everything in The Content Inspiration System™️, which makes everything quicker and easier to access.

This      for you if:

You're sick of having a phone full of screenshots

It's          for you if...



It's probably
for you if...

You're tired of content creation taking so long

You're finally ready to get organised 

It's probably
for you if...

You don't like to be organised

You don't have time to set up a life-changing system.

You're happy wasting time and energy finding assets

Learnt how to be inspired by the content you see on social media (without copying)

Uncovered the power of Airtable and used the template and lessons to create a system you can use to reduce the friction of content creation.

Started to populate your ‘Content Clips’ library and created a habit of adding more ideas every single week.

Saved all the important links, assets and social proof for your own business and any clients.

Set up a system to cross reference all your assets without ever needing to leave The Content Inspiration System™️.

By the end of this step-by-step programme you will have:

Look, we love a G-Drive and we’re a sucker for a screenshot. But the old ways of working are costing you time and money!

Its time for a new way to organise your content creation!

The Content Inspiration System™️ is created using Airtable and we’re taking you step-by-step through everything you need to know to build, populate and use this system in your daily life.

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What The Content Inspiration System™️ Will Help You With?

Store, organise and easily find the ones you need when you need them whether they are of content inspiration, comments, UGC, brilliant ads or anything else!

Whether they are your own brand assets or assets from clients you need them in one place and easy to access. Plus you'll be able to easily record what they are, when you last used them and any other relevant information.

All those lovely reviews, comments, UGC and case studies are only useful if you actually share them! In this system you'll have them all in one place with a record of who they are from, if you have permission to share and when and where you last shared.

Save all your evergreen or launch content in one place so you don't have to scroll through your feed to find the content you want to reuse! 

No more using Google to find a link to one of your blogs or a clients sales page! Organise all the links you need AND quickly grab them with UTM tracking attached!





Social Proof & UGC

Will this programme teach me how to create content?

No, this programme is to help you create a system to organise all your ideas, inspiration and assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t like it?

Due to the nature of this programme, there are no refunds available so if you’re unsure if it’s for you please reach out to our team before you buy.

Can I use this with clients?

Yes and no - you’ll pull your client assets into your Content Inspiration System™️ so that you have everything you need access to. You can add your client to your system if needs be (we don’t think you need to) but you cannot share this programme or create a Content Inspiration System for your client.

If they need their own system send them our way - we’ll gladly give you a referral fee when they purchase their own system!

What else will I need to use this programme?

You will need an Airtable account - you can use this system with a free account but may wish to upgrade to access additional features or if you need to create more than 1200 records.

What if I have questions when I am using the system?

We’re pretty sure we’ve covered everything in the video lessons taking you through the programme. But if you have technical questions you can reach out to our team anytime.

I have other questions before I buy.

Drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll answer any questions you may have so you can be sure this is right for you.

What do I actually get?

You're getting an Airtable template with step-by-step video lessons taking you through everything you need to know to create and use your own Content Inspiration System™️.


shoot us an email

We completely understand. Every penny invested in your business is an important one! Drop us an email if you have questions.

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