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The social media managers guide to Finding high-Paying clients.

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It’s impossible to win great clients without following these steps.

y0u love working freelance but

it feels impossible to find high-paying clients...

And you're sick of working for pennies.

If only there was a guide to help you identify businesses who can afford to pay you the fees you want to charge 🤔

GOOD NEWS... there is!
And you can have it for free!

We'll take you step-by-step through...

How to spot high-paying clients

9 ways to find high-paying clients

Steps to check your business is set up to be successful

Niching, positioning and owning your difference

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Together we have 30+ years of marketing and business experience... that probably just gave our age away — but let’s keep this real...

If you’re looking for a 22 year-old influencer who’s selling digital products from a yacht off the coast of Bali, we might not be your gals.

But if you’re looking for two mentors who have built (and still run) successful social media businesses, spent years working in sales and marketing, and have been exactly where you are right now, then you should keep reading.

We don’t promise “6-figures in a year” or any of that bullshit.

But what we do promise, wholeheartedly, is to arm you with everything you need to know to grow, or start, a successful social media business...

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