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Does any of this sound like you?

You love marketing but when it comes to actually running your business you can sometimes feel a little frustrated.

You know you can help people – so why aren’t clients knocking your door down??

You work harder than anyone else you know – so why isn’t it paying off?

You’ve heard about other social media managers winning £££ clients and generating tons of income for their families, but you’re just not sure that’s ever going to happen for you.

Maybe if you lived in a different area…

Or had a better website…

Or took another course…

we get it! we’ve been there too


We’re The Two Lauras!

We know from experience that being a freelance social media marketer is a unique position to be in as you have to split your focus between marketing your client’s businesses and your own.

And we noticed that there are many freelance social media managers who were amazing at their work… but not so confident about running a business.

And taking courses and joining memberships can often leave you frustrated when they aren’t specifically designed for you as a social media marketer.

That’s why, in The Inner Hub, we don’t teach you how to be a social media manager (you already know how to do that.) We help you to feel confident about running a business and charging the money you truly deserve.

We’ve helped hundreds of social media managers to launch, grow and scale their businesses and we are passionate about helping you to build the business of your dreams inside The Inner Hub, the membership that’s changing the game for freelance social media marketers

The Inner Hub is different to anything else out there…

👋 Wave goodbye to overwhelm.

The Social Pro Success Plan helps you to identify the exact steps you should take to move your business forwards.

So you can tune out all the other noise and focus on the things that will actually help you grow.

📱 Tailor-made for social media pros.

Unlike other memberships (where you can end up paying for generic content designed to help a wide range of business owners) everything inside The Inner Hub is specifically for freelance social media pros.

So you know that all the tools, training and resources provided will be relevant to you.

🙋‍♀️ Say hello to your new colleagues!

The Inner Hub is the ONLY membership exclusively for freelance social media marketers. Which means you’re surrounded by the most supportive community of people who ‘get it’. 

And there is no competition here… we live and breathe collaboration over competition.

📣 A single source of reliable social media news!

The Inner Hub Newswire keeps you up-to-date with all the relevant information to ensure you can stay on top of your game without needing to read hundreds of Google alerts or check Twitter constantly.

🔎 Be discovered by new clients.

A listing on the Meet The Social Pro directory puts you in front of businesses looking to outsource their social media marketing or get support with consultancy or training.

All members get a free listing on the directory which is visited by 300-500 businesses every month.

Join The Inner Hub if…

You’re new to freelance life…
…and working on securing your first client as a social media manager.

You want to make sure you are doing everything right and would love a safe space to ask questions & get support without judgement.

You’re working as a freelance social media manager…
…and want to make sure you stay on top of your game when it comes to all things social media.

You want to surround yourself with people that ‘get-it’ and will give you a virtual group hug when it doesn’t quite go to plan.

You are an ads manager or social media coach…
…and want a safe community to bounce ideas around.

You want to ensure you stay on top of your game with the constant changes so you can adjust your strategies and advise your clients properly.

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So what exactly do you get when you join The Inner Hub?

🚀 Social Pro Success Plan

Every freelancer goes through 5 key phases while building their business. The success plan will help you identify which phase you are in so you can focus on the next steps to take your business from best-kept secret to fully booked and ready to scale.

So you can tune out all the noise and do only the things that will help you make momentum.

📞 Sounding Board calls

Don’t waste your time and energy going around in circles trapped inside your own head – just pop along to one of the calls, put your thoughts into words, and feel the tension lift.

We know how powerful a listening ear and an alternative perspective can be, so this is your opportunity to speak with us face-to-face (via Zoom).

This is your chance to pick our brains each and every month on all aspects of social media marketing and business. No B.S. just straight-talking advice you can actually implement.

And our brainstorm breakout sessions mean you get to chat with other social media pros to bash out any issues you’re facing.

It’s like having a staff room full of colleagues ready to help you out, without having to make all the teas or supply the biscuits.

🙋‍♀️ Accountability Partner matching programme

Set goals together, stay focused together & cheer each other on so you can celebrate together.

🗂 Resources hub

We record everything and you can access all the recordings from masterclasses, sounding board calls and more inside the member’s hub.

Plus all the videos are fully searchable, captioned and available as transcriptions or audio downloads.

🔔 Newswire alerts

We’re making it easy for the Inner Hub members to stay informed, without being distracted, confused or overloaded.

We provide you with all the need-to-know social media news, as it happens, via a members-only Telegram channel.

You can tune out all the noise and interruptions throughout the week, concentrate on delivering for your clients, and developing your business because you know you’ll be being kept up to date.

PLUS you can use all this news to inform your audience & position yourself as the expert they need to hire.

💰 Exclusive member perks

Discounts, offers and extended trials on tools, tech, training and resources to help you with your business.

🔎 Listing on the ‘Meet The Social Pro' directory

Every month hundreds of business owners visit the Meet The Social Pro directory, looking for a professional to help them reach their customers on social media.  

Whether you offer managed services, consultancy or training, spend just a few minutes creating your listing and your ideal clients will be able to contact you directly for as long as you remain a member.

🎓 Learn from global experts in live monthly masterclasses

It’s difficult finding time to focus on your own business when you’re busy serving your clients, we get it.

We’re not here to teach hours and hours of theory – we’re 100% focussed on taking action that will help you move along your path to success.

Past guests have included:

matt navarra

Joyann Boyce

John Espirian

Kaity Griffin

Ken Moscowitz

Rachel Miller


Vicki Jakes

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You’ve chosen an exciting, dynamic profession, with the flexibility and responsibility of being self-employed.

You’ve got no manager to hold you accountable, no colleagues to bounce ideas off, and no HR department to keep your skills up-to-date.

It’s hardly surprising if sometimes it feels a little too much.

Tune out the noise, focus on the things that matter, and enjoy your thriving social media business.

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This option is great for freelancers who are serious about their long-term success and looking for a GREAT deal. By enrolling as an annual member you not only get the best price but also additional bonuses.

→ Get immediate access to all our member benefits

→ Automatic payment each month means you don't need to remember to renew.

If you’re not 100% happy neither are we so we operate a ‘no questions asked’ cancellation policy… While we are pretty sure you won’t want to cancel, there is no need to email us and beg to leave if you should change your mind.

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Hear from our members…

Your most popular questions answered…

What exactly do I get as a member?
We’ll break it down:

Access to a members-only portal with tons of resources, training and masterclasses.
Live monthly masterclasses from experts around the world.
A listing on our global directory for social media pros so that businesses looking to hire can easily find you and discover if you’re right for them.
Access to our members-only Telegram channels where we share the latest social media updates and leads for potential clients.
Access to our members-only community which is THE best community you’ll ever join!
Monthly Sounding Board calls – these are our group calls where you can get advice on social media strategy, Facebook ads, marketing strategies and anything else related to your business or your client’s.
Access to an accountability partner (if you want one)
Members perks & discounts
Us on your team cheering you on and helping you achieve the success you dream of.

Will this help me get more clients?
YES! In 3 ways:

You’ll have a strategic Success Plan to follow to help you keep moving your business forwards.
You’ll be more confident about pricing and selling your services thanks to the masterclasses, Sounding Board sessions, and support from your fellow social media professionals
You’ll be listed in the Meet The Social Pro™️ directory making it easy for potential clients to find and connect with you.

I'm brand new, I don't even have my first client yet – will this help?
YES! See previous answer!You’ll be listed in the Meet The Social Pro™️ directory making it easy for potential clients to find and connect with you.

I’m an experienced social media professional – is this for me?
Do you fret over potential client relationship problems? Would you like to have more clients? Charge more? Offer a wider range of services? Stay up-to-date with all the latest social media news? Feel confident taking your business to its next level? Have other social media professionals to discuss ideas and problems with?


Then yes, the Inner Hub is for you.

I don’t know if I’ll have time to use this?
We aren’t going to come over to your house, tie you to the desk and make you access the materials in the Inner Hub.

We ARE going to reassure you that we 100% know what it’s like to be a time-poor social media professional with clients to serve, a business to run, and a real life offline that’s also rather demanding.

We’ve created the Inner Hub so you can attract and serve your clients with as little faff and fuss as possible.

We’re all about streamlining what we do, using templates so we don’t all have to reinvent the same documents, and focussing our time and energy on the activities that will make the biggest difference to our bottom line. 

What we do know to be true is that if you can just take one thing from the membership each month you’ll have more than covered your membership fee. Whether thats a new connection, a masterclass, joining us on a call or getting a super-speedy solution to a problem inside our member’s community.

PLUS the content we are giving you is there for the long term so you will be able to dip into it when you need it.  

Do I get access to everything straight away?
Yes. You’ll get instant access to our members community and member’s hub soon after you enrol.

Isn't it a bit weird to join a membership full of my competitors?
You’d think so yes! But The Inner Hub is a unique membership where your competitors will become your greatest allies and you’ll truly learn the value of collaboration over competition.

We’ve seen some incredible collaborations and friendships formed inside The Inner Hub and the community spirit is amazing.

Our members are not your competition, they are by your side 24/7 to cheer you on, share advice and tips, help you in the dark times and celebrate your wins with you.

…is this for me?
I offer done-for-you organic social media management…

I offer done-for-you Ads management…

I offer social media management training….

I offer paid social training….

I offer community management/consultancy/anything else related to social media marketing…

….is this for me?

YES! If you offer one or a combination of those things you are a social media professional and the Inner Hub is here to help you attract and retain clients while enjoying the work that you do (because working for yourself should be a joy, not a chore).

Freelancer, sole trader, self-employed, partnership, limited business – however you’ve structured your business – if you deliver social media management or social ads management (or both) for other people’s businesses, you ARE a social media pro.

What is the cancellation policy?
Whilst you won’t want to leave we know this is probably on your mind. Our cancellation process is simple and easy to do in your account. You can leave at anytime and, much like Netflix, you will retain access to everything until the end of your billing period (eg the end of the month if you’re a monthly member or after 12 months if you pay annually) 

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