The social media managers Productivity masterclass

Your time is precious! So we're on a mission to help you work better so you can get more done in less time.

In this masterclass we're helping you understand how much your time is actually worth. We'll show you how to prioritise tasks in your business so you don't wast any more valuable time and can work more effectively.

And we'll help you create your own 'No-Faff Plan' too!

Includes the no-faff calculator, worksheet and planner.

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"Margi's guide was kick-ass indeed and quite literally changed how I show up on social." - Jen Olmstead

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We both built successful businesses as freelance social media managers. Working with lovely clients and on our terms so we could work around our families. Now we are here to help you do the same!

We know how easy it is to waste time in Canva and lose yourself down a TikTok rabbit hole! The No-Faff plan stops us wasting time and means we are more productive in what little time we have we know it'll help you too!

We're The Two Lauras, your new business mentors!

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